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Oscar and Billy

My Other Interests

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I like to read whatever books I can on Oscar Wilde and Billy The Kid; two characters who found a permanent place in history and culture.

They both made their marks on history in ways they couldn't have dreamed of, although Oscar had professed a desire to become either famous or infamous.

I'm fascinated by each them for completely different reasons, although there are similarities in that betrayal figured in their stories and both died prematurely in sad circumstances. They were both very much outsiders and then outcasts at odds with the times in which they lived and died.

Their paths never crossed, although interestingly Oscar Wilde started an extensive lecture tour of America in New York a little under six months after Billy met his end at the gun hand of Pat Garrett in New Mexico.

I hope you enjoy what I've written about them, and that you might become encouraged to find out more about these fascinating men.

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