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Skylinesongs Photo Gallery

Photos of my gear, guitars, gigs and miscellany

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Marshall JCM 800 Model 2205 I bought

 in the 1980s, custom covered by Zilla Cabs plus one of their custom 2x12 cabs.  JCM were Jim Charles Marshall’s initials and the 800 came from his number plate, although it was used later to signify the decade, with the next models released in 1990 being called JCM 900.

Gibson Peter Frampton Signature Les Paul Custom.  I bought this one in April 2013 as a special treat for myself!  Needless to say, I cherish it and never take it out of the house.      

Article in Guitarist magazine, November 2017 featuring my pedal board.  ‘Gigging veteran’ eh?   Yes I suppose so.  My board looks a lot different now of course!

A custom ‘Fender Paul’ (or ‘Les Caster’?) made for me in 2018 by Andy Bunn, guitar tech in Stratford On Avon.  Amongst other refinements it features two Bare Knuckle Riff Raff humbucker pickups and Sperzel tuners.  Pictured in front of my Marshall JCM 2000 60w TSL 601 combo amp.

A modern replica of Eric Clapton’s psychedelic 1967 ‘Fool’ guitar board.  The artwork’s theme is ‘nostalgia for paradise’.  Click here for more information on its origins and travels over the decades.

I bought this in 2008 from online custom guitar specialist The Painted Player.