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Lyrics by David Daly ( and myself, music by myself.

Another product from my home studio using Sonar X3 and various plugins.  You can see lyrics and more information about this song at

City Child

Tools Used

For more about my original songs and tips on home recording visit my home recording site

An original song of mine. It's theme is how relationships can become difficult when both have come such a long way but each has a different dream of what should come next.

I used some tracks from Drums On Demand's 'My Co-Writer' range and PG Music's Band In A Box software, with myself on guitar solos and vocals. It was edited, mixed and mastered in Sonar Producer X2a. I made the video from some footage of my own plus some free HD clips found on the internet.

Lyrics and other notes can be found here.

Wasted Years

Another original piece of mine performed and recorded in my home studio. It’s an instrumental describing Winter yielding to Spring.

Most of the footage I shot in woods in the Cotswolds village of Whichford, combined with some free clips found on the internet.

Winter’s End

I was moved to write this song after reading  'A History of the Indians of the United States' by Angie Debo and then researching more on what actually happened at Wounded Knee, South Dakota on 29th December 1890.  I know others have written songs about it, e.g. Buffy St Marie, but this is my attempt at describing this awful and disgraceful tragedy.

I used tracks from a Drums On Demand's 'My Co-Writer' CD for the basic backing and added my own lead guitar parts and vocals. You can see lyrics and more information about this songs at

Ghost Dance

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